So I told you all I’d give you some things to read while I recover from whatever the heck illness has me. There are a few awesome people blogathonning for SSA today (Miri and Kate  are two particularly awesome examples), and I’ll highlight a couple of posts from them before hitting the rounds of people who I generally love to read.

Miri has an awesome post up about the lessons learned from blogging. A lot of these I think can be applied to real life, for example “My blog, my rules”. You get to set your own rules in your own spaces. If you are or plan to be active on the internet, she has some wonderful insights.

Kate has a short but sweet post about what not to say to people with eating disorders. If I might add a few: “why don’t you try exercising?”, “Everyone has an eating disorder these days”, and “But I think you’re pretty”.

I recently fell somewhat in love with Sarah Moglia over her guest post on Skepchick about disability. She talked about what it’s like and how friends can help, and reminded us that she’s more than just a disability. She then convinced me that I need to read The Sexual Politics of Meat, and now I want to be her friend.

I have loved Libby Anne’s blog since I first discovered it, and she’s had an amazing series of posts about home-schooling, abusive parents, and fundamentalist attitudes towards child rearing. I think she absolutely hit the nail on the head when she wrote about babies crying as a form of communication.


So that’s all for now, but I’ll be back with posts tomorrow (already half started, so they should be good).

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