Follow up to follow up

After a conversation with my mother pertaining to some of my previous posts on self-harm I want to offer an explanation and a disclaimer:

It appears that I mislead some people into thinking that I was promoting self-harm as a great way to deal with life. Sorry, I did not mean to do that. What I did mean to do was to try to demystify and fight the taboo of discussing the ins and outs of self harm and what it actually does. Why is it that many other behaviors which are harmful are not viewed with the vehement disgust of self-harm? I don’t know. I’d like that to stop. I’d like for people to realize that self-harm does serve a purpose for individuals and does come with some benefits.

All of that said, from my personal experience there is almost NEVER a real situation in which the pros outweigh the cons when considering self-harm. It’s simply not super effective. If there were some hypothetical situation where you could control it to minimal damage and not impact your health or quality of life in any way and use it super effectively to deal with your problems, then I’d say it should be your own choice what to do with your body, but let’s be honest that never ever happens and cutting usually devolves into an addictively bad behavior.

So no, I’m not promoting cutting, but I certainly am promoting more understanding, more empathy, and more recognition that those people who do choose to self-harm are doing so after some weighing of pros and cons and not out of some fit of crazy.

Carry on 🙂

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