Friends. Nerds. Readers. Countrymen. I have a request for you all. As you may remember, last year I was on a panel at SkepTech, a wonderful conference put on by a few local colleges’ skeptical groups. It was a FANTASTIC success, and I even won a little plushie sperm for my tweeting prowess.

Well SkepTech is happening again, this April, and I encourage ANY of you remotely near Minnesota to get your patoots there for some insane fun. But in order to make the magic happen, funds are required. It’s not like the organizers are using this money to pay for their yachts: they’re mostly poor college students who just want to be able to provide a forum for people to talk about technology and skepticism.

But wait! I’m not just here to ask for your money, because I can’t actually accept your money because I’m not actually organizing this conference. What I am here to do is offer you the opportunity to bid on a select and fantastical item. What is this mystical item you ask? A digital portrait of your dashing visage, executed by the one and only Zach Weinersmith, the author and illustrator of the wildly famous Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomic.

So please, click the link, throw in a bid and get the loveliest portrait of yourself you will ever have.

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