Trying Something New

I’ve been drawing some blanks lately on topics to write about (so if you have something you think would strike my fancy, please send it along), so I went looking for some writing prompts. I found a fairly fantastic website of them and have looked through far too many pages getting far too many ideas of creative writing that I could be doing.

So I’ve decided to post a bit of this writing here. The first prompt is as follows:



While I think this could be a fun exercise for nearly anyone, I think it’s especially appropriate for someone struggling with their identity, with mental illness, or generally with figuring out who they are and what they want. I’d love to hear the three personalities of other people, so please leave them in the comments or write your own post.

The first person in my head is probably a young girl of about five. Vivacious (obnoxiously so), curious, energetic, and full of noise and pep. Essentially the person I was when I was four. This is a person who is interested in just about everything, and when she becomes truly interested in something will probably jump up and down and tell you every little detail and fact about it until she can’t breathe. Then she’ll go play horses. Her theme song is likely “I don’t give a fuck”.

The second is Hermione Granger. Basically exactly. Perfectionistic, practical as all get out, full of ridiculous and strange facts, but also kind of a pain in the ass who never has fun and drives everyone way too hard. Sometimes I like to call her doucheface.

And finally we have a combination of Sartre and the girl from Girl, Interrupted. Existential angst up the wazoo and a whopping side helping of cuckoo. Whereas the other two parts are firmly planted in this world, Sartre Girl is convinced that everything is worthless and barely even here anyway. This leads to a melancholy, cynical air coupled with some element of absurdity.


So what do you all think? How would you describe the voices you hear in my writing? Who are your voices?



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