Link Round Up!

Hello friends! I don’t do link round ups on a regular basis, but I’ve been reading like a fiend lately so I’ve got lots o stuff that has been really good. So I’m giving it all to you in the form of some handy dandy links.

1. My Mental Illness Is Not About Your Boner by Ozy Frantz

I kind of forgot to read Ozy for a while, partially because they were switching blogs and partially because I actually just suck at life. While I basically recommend everything they have posted at their new blog, this particular piece really felt important to me as a fellow BPD person. There’s nothing sexy about it, thanks very much.

2. Who is Delusional? The Answer is We All Are by Noel Hunter

I’ve recently started reading Mad in America, a pro-madness site that highlights voices counter to the typical narratives around mental health, drugs, and psychotherapy. I don’t agree with everything they post, but if you want to have your views on mental illness challenged, spend some time here. This piece does a good job of reframing how we conceive of reality, and in particular I appreciated the elements about emotional abuse in childhood.

3. For Fat Patients and Their Doctors by Ragen

A slightly older post, but a really good resource for anyone who’s interested in educating themselves about health at every size and body acceptance, this is a round up of resources about whether weight loss is effective and the health benefits of losing weight. Highly recommended.

4. I Do Not Care About Your Baby by Jonathan Naymark

Ok, this is totally self indulgent but seriously. Not everyone has to coo and love babies all the time. It’s great you have one and like it. I’m going to be over here doing something else.

5. This utterly fantastic graphic of collective nouns for mystical and fantastic creatures.

What have you been reading?

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