Money Grubbin’



Oh hey friends. I don’t often ask for money on here. In fact I don’t think I ever have. But I am in the process of raising money for something really, really cool that I am SO EXCITED about and would really like to properly fund.

I recently started working with a local nonprofit that provides support, funding, and resources for people with eating disorders and their families. I have been one of those people, as you probably know from my posts here. I care A LOT about making life easier for people who are fighting the jerkbrains. In this case, I proposed a fund to help people in the earlier stages of recovery buy clothes that fit their new bodies.

This might not seem as important as funding for therapy or research or all the other highly expensive things that eating disorder recovery requires, but if there’s one thing that helped and still helps me immensely in my recovery and in feeling comfortable in a changing body, it’s not having to wear clothes that are too small and that hurt or look awkward and awful. It does wonders to not have to wake up in the morning and fear going in to my closet, hoping that I won’t be triggered by not having a single pair of pants that will feel decent. It helps to not be reminded all day long that my body is bigger by the tight waistband or the way my clothes dig into me when I sit down.

So if you have a few extra bucks, or care a lot about this cause, I would greatly appreciate anything you can pass my way. Click the button below to go to the page if you’d like to make a donation. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Clothing Fund for Recovery | GiveMN

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