Fuck You America

Fuck you everyone who voted for Trump.

Fuck you each and every person who waved away the many accusations of sexual assault.

Fuck you everyone who focused on THE EMAILS.

Fuck you Bernie bros saying he would have won.

Fuck you anyone telling me to focus on unity.

Fuck you anyone saying my anger is inappropriate.

Fuck you to people saying my fears are irrational.

Fuck you to the people that I am hearing TODAY, ALREADY using this election as validation of their sexism and racism, openly saying “I’m going to grab women by the pussy” and “white is right”.

Fuck all Americans who thought that their jobs were more important than the physical safety and well being of the people I love.

Fuck the people who didn’t come out to vote.

Fuck the people who were willing to buy into the racism.

Fuck the people who are saying “don’t be combative.”

Fuck the people who think that this isn’t a clear message that people with disabilities, people of color, people with mental illness, women, queer people, and poor people are not welcome and are not worthy of respect.

Fuck all of it.

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