Post Round Up

In addition to writing here, I also post in a few other places across the internet. Since some of you don’t know of my other writing ventures, I thought it would be useful to you all to compile some of what I’ve been writing elsewhere. So here they are friends: what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the internet.

Over at The Mighty, I now have 7 posts up, including two recent ones I’ll highlight here.

To Anyone Afraid To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner
Some thoughts, tips, and suggestions for people with eating disorders on one of the worst holidays in the year. I personally prefer not to even try enjoying myself because the day is everything I dislike.

When I Decided To Stop Hiding the Physical Scars of My Mental Illness
“For years I carefully arranged my clothing so people couldn’t see my scars. I would go to the gym and have small anxiety attacks every time my shorts rode up. I invested in pairs of leggings so no matter what I wore I could be sure I was covered. I was so afraid someone would see and I would be “found out.”

But this picture marks the day I chose not to be afraid.”

Feel free to pop over to my author page to see what else is living over there.

I’m also a regular contributor at Skepchick, so make sure you’re getting over there to see what I’ve got up. Here are a couple of posts I feel pretty good about.

Accessibility 101
This is actually a recap post of a workshop I co-led over the summer, but since then Skepticon has very openly used a lot of that info to adjust their accessibility policy and had great response for the most part, so I’m INCREDIBLY happy with the results of the work I put into this and I’d love it if other organizers (of events, cons, or groups of any size) took a look.

You Must Be Fun At Parties: The Myth of the SJW Party Pooper
Spoiler alert: SJWs have more fun.