Announcing Aut of Spoons

For the last four years I have been blogging here at We Got So Far to Go. In that time, I’ve grown as a writer, my interests have changed, and my focus has shifted. In light of all of that, I’ve decided it’s time to move on to something that’s a little more fresh.

Don’t worry! I will still be blogging. I’m SO excited to be announcing the launch of Aut of Spoons, the new site of my blogging life. We Got So Far to Go will be remaining up and available at least through the end of 2017, but all new content will be appearing at Aut of Spoons, with a fresh new look, an easier URL (, and a renewed focus on mental health, disability, autism, and neurodiversity. Check it out!

As part of this move, I have also decided that I’m going to be spending more time focused on this blog not just as a way to explore my own thoughts and beliefs, but as a more serious writing enterprise. With that in mind, I am launching a Patreon through which you can support my writing. There are all kinds of incentives to give you a little extra push to donate, but honestly the reason you should donate is because you’re here, consuming work that I’m producing, and you find it worthwhile. With your support I can create more and better content, pay my hosting fees, and maybe even give you some b-b-b-bonus content! I’d love it if you checked it out.

Thanks for being a part of We Got So Far To Go. Now let’s keep on going at Aut of Spoons.


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